Beste Ton en Trees,

Danke, danke for sharing your home with us.
A few of the not-to-be-forgotten moments here include watching a giraffe drink from the waterhole, getting to know & recognize a few of the animal visitors (e.g. “Bert” the kind male ostrich who was a frequent visitor (left ankle scar/scab, right knee scar/scab). “Pretty Boy”, who was almost neon in coloring (usually seen chasing Bert and another male), as well as a sweet male duiker and our favourite zebra family who often came to scratch the zebrawood tree off the porch. We treasure our almost daily walks to the river, where we were fortunate to see many hippo, elephants, crocodiles, as well as saddle bill storks and even a cheetah!
This was a quiet, peaceful setting for John to work, and Grace and I played many games (thank you for the large assortment, a nice bonus!). And read many books, including the Marloth Park 30, which I found very informative with very interesting stories!

We all thank you again for sharing your special home with us.

Groeten The Mulls